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December, 2014

An Assisted-Living Home Architecture with Integrated Healthcare Services for Elderly People

Since the population of elderly people grows absolutely and in relation to the overall population in the world, the improvement of the quality of life of elderly people at home is of a great importance. This can be achieved through the development of generic technologies for managing their domestic ambient environment consisting of medical sensors, entertainment equipment, home automation systems and white goods, increasing their autonomy and safety. In this context, the provision intelligent interactive healthcare services will improve their daily life and allowing at the same time the continuous monitoring of their health and their effective treatment. This work is supported by the INHOME Project EU IST-045061-STP, http://www.ist-inhome.eu.

Marsh, Andrew J, Kavvadias, Christoforos, Eppler, Arnold, Vergados, Dimitrios, Biniaris, Christos, Bigalke, Olaf, Robert, Eric, Jerabek, Boro, Alevizos, Alevizos, Caragiozidis, Michael, Medical and Care Compunetics 5, 2008, 93-103

3 April 2008 | Categories: 2008, Biography, Conferences, Science | Tags: , , , .
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